VocaMatch: Learn to Spell

VocaMatch: Learn to Spell

Kids Learn to Spell and Read!

VocaMatch is Egowall’s richly educational and hugely enjoyable new spelling app! With VocaMatch, your child will learn and practice spelling from the most basic all the way to advanced words!

As you play you’ll try to identify the image on each card, and spell it without using any hints! VocaMatch is amazingly fun, and teaches spelling at the level you can handle!


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VocaMatch screenshot with a dog
VocaMatch screenshot with two kids reading

Letter by letter, word by word

Spell them all!

VocaMatch has 7 learning categories, with almost 1000 words to learn and practice. As you play, hear the letters aloud, and hear the completed word when each one is correctly spelled. VocaMatch lets you hear the word first, but you’ll get less points if you use any hints! Try to get 3 stars on all of them!

Review and Test

Graded Quizzes after each lesson

Players can use fun hints within each lesson, but you’ll have to spell it for yourself in one of many review quizzes spread systematically throughout VocaMatch! In each Quiz we’ll select the words that had any mistakes or hints, and let you practice them again. Perfect score during a lesson? You’ll still review the lesson but we’ll give you random words- it’ll be a snap!

VocaMatch screenshot with progress report


Almost one thousand words!

With 1200 Words in 8 Learning Categories, there's a ton to learn and enjoy!!

Grow and Progress

Start with short and easy words, then progress to longer, harder ones. 5 Stages in all.

Earn Unique Badges

As you complete lessons and quizzes, you'll start to unlock and earn badges!

Listen and Learn!

VocaMatch is narrated, so you can hear every letter and word that you spell! Plus awesome celebratory phrases to help you along.

Time for Fun!

VocaMatch is made for young kids learning to read, but everyone will enjoy the fun learning and gameplay!!

Use those Hints

Get stuck? Try a hint! There are 4 hints to help you out in fun ways, but you'll score higher if you don't use them!


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