Shapizoid Jr

Shapizoid Jr

Match Delightful Colors and Shapes!

Shapizoid Jr is the friendly new shape matching app from Egowall that lets kids learn shapes and have tactile fun!
Every time you finish a level in Shapizoid Jr, see a wonderful celebration animation! Children will learn shape recognition, and dexterity as they work with cute colors and shapes, in ever changing scenes!

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Coloful screenshots of Shapizoid Jr on iPad and iPhone
Shapizoid Jr screenshot with spade and circle shapes


Drag and Drop!

Every level is a new experience in Shapizoid! Drag a matching piece to the matching slot and see gorgeous effects! Listen to the soothing yet exciting sounds of each successful match. If you mess up – don’t worry, you can keep trying! You’ll hear helpful and supportive narrations along the way too! Kids love Shapizoid! The animations and effects in Shapizoid have the fun feeling of a fidget toy!


Play and Match, Forever.

Each level is a small step forward in complexity and learning shapes! As your child succeeds they’ll come to new level packs with new shapes, colors, scenes, and effects! Reach new heights! They can replay as often as they like. All while in an app that is safe from extraneous in-app-purchases or inappropriate ads. Parents feel safe with Egowall apps like Shapizoid!

Shapizoid Jr screenshot with fun emoji shapes


Sort and Match

Experience hundreds of levels, matching different shapes with wild colors and effects in Shapizoid Jr!

Master Matching

Every level and every pack is a new experience in Shapizoid Jr! The app is always evolving right before your eyes!

Learn and Earn!

Each pack has its own theme; scenes, effects and materials are unique and surprising every time!

Listen Up!

Shapizoid Jr has dozens of funny and helpful narrations you'll hear when you make a match!

Time for Fun!

Shapizoid Jr is made with kids aged 2-7 in mind. There aren't any difficult timers or rules - just pleasing, colorful matches to be made.

Family Friendly

Shapizoid Jr is fun for the whole family! From baby to toddler, kid to adult! Feel safe knowing Shapizoid Jr is an app you can trust.


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