Patternwork 3D

Playful Creativity Made Easy

Patternwork 3D is Egowall’s fun and liberating creative app for kids! Patternwork 3D lets kids select awesome 3D templates and customize them in endless ways!

Kids can pick their favorite Cutout, Abstract or Tangram template, then color each individual 3d shape inside it. Patternwork 3D lets you customize the material, print, color, and even the background scene! Your kids will experience amazingly easy and playful creativity!


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A Colorful Ladybug Cutout Template from Patternwork 3D
A creative geometric Abstract template creation from Patternwork 3D

Get lost in creative satisfaction!

A Sanctuary for the Mind.

Patternwork is all about creative expression, and the relaxing feeling you get when you can really sit back and get imaginative!

Creative Abandon

Songs and Soft Lighting Aid the Experience

Patternwork also comes with a dozen wonderful music tracks, all soothing and calming in nature. Listen as you work, or disable audio entirely if you and your family need a little respite. The zen-like sounds may keep you spellbound!

A delightful sailboat Tangram template design created using Patternwork 3D from Egowall.


Stacks of templates to choose from!

With over 250 templates, and the ability to reuse and remix at will, there's always plenty to do in Patternwork!

Get lost in the creative process

Some templates are simple, some are complex. Use different materials and prints as you wish. Take your time, there's no rush!

Share your best work!

When happy with what you have, use the share feature to create screenshots to show off!

Inspect and Enjoy

When complete, pan and zoom around your work. Enjoy it and view it from all angles. The high end lighting enhances each piece, to create a final product that's out of this world!

No limits

Patternwork is free of ads or gamification that would take your child's attention elsewhere. Egowall creates apps that focus attention, not monetize it!

Time for creativity!

So many apps are all about zapping your child's time. Patternwork is about letting your child use their time in a deep and complex creative process!


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