Color to Learn!

Colorifact is the wonderful new app perfect for learning while you color! Flex your creative muscles with clever and beautiful Coloring Pages….that reveal Fun Facts!!
Each Coloring Page is a handcrafted experience, designed to cleverly turn facts into memorable scenes that illuminate the facts in fun ways that kids will remember.

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Colorifact Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page
Colorifact Fun Fact


Listen and Learn!

“Did you know?”….Colorifact is like an interactive coloring book! As your child colors, each page becomes clearer, until *POOF* the fact is revealed! Each Fun Fact is narrated in a clear, warm voice paired with text. Children love hearing the narrations, and reading the fun facts!


Color and create your way to knowledge

Colorifact has a fun user interface that really pops! Kids can choose from dozens of crayon choices, as well as amazing brushes and patterns. Using colors and brush materials, anyone can spend hours crafting gorgeous creative compositions!

Then, when complete, save a screenshot or share the work!

Colorifact Monarch Butterfly Coloring Page


Color and Create

Colorifact has simple and delightful coloring! There are hundreds of Coloring Pages, with funny and memorable compositions!


Every Coloring Page is crafted around a Fun Fact! Kids love to color and reveal them all!

Capture your work!

When finished with a Coloring Page, save or share your work!

Listen Up!

Hear now: Colorifact guides you with audio cues! 275 Fun Fact narrations to reveal and hear.

It's simple to create!

Simple, intuitive controls let kids enjoy Colorifact with just one finger.

Family Friendly

Colorifact is fun for the whole family. Feel safe knowing Colorifact is an app you can trust.


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