Learn to Spell with VocaMatch, the New App from Egowall!

VocaMatch app by Egowall

Announcing the new free app from Egowall that lets kids build their vocabulary, VocaMatch: Learn to Spell!

VocaMatch is a game all about identifying and guessing words, then spelling and hearing them spoken aloud! Kids love VocaMatch- here’s how it works! When you play VocaMatch you’ll progress from word to word. There are 8 categories of finely illustrated word cards you’ll play through in the form of Classes. When a card comes up, try to guess what the word is! You can tap letters you think might spell the word, or use awesome hints if you need a hand. Receive bonus points and extra coins if you don’t use any hints!

VocaMatch screenshot with a dog

VocaMatch is primarily a true learning game. We want you to learn how these words are spelled, and how they sound! VocaMatch is fully narrated by Julie Shields, an incredible vocal talent! You’ll hear her announce each letter and each correctly spelled word along the way. Plus – she offers great words of support when you need it! As you progress in VocaMatch, you’ll move from basic 3 letter words, on up to more and more tricky terminology! There are 5 difficulty stages in all, totaling almost 1000 words!

An incredible value, VocaMatch FREE to download and practice the first 30 words forever, and a steal at the introductory price of $3.99 (with additional optional in-app-purchases). The value continues as you progress in VocaMatch! Tackle the game lesson by lesson, and as you do, Quizzes appear so you can review what you’ve learned!
Quizzes can be tough – we don’t let you use any hints aside from hearing the word spoken aloud! Players can review previous Classes as well. With each word comes new learning, not only in the form of spelling but in expanding children’s minds with illustrations of cultures, places, foods, and machines from all over the world that they may not be aware of!

VocaMatch screenshot with two kids reading

VocaMatch is out now for iOS devices. Perfect for using your iPhone or iPad to learn at home with parents, or in the classroom. Teachers are going to love seeing the spelling and vocabulary improvement when children play VocaMatch!

Egowall is proud to send VocaMatch out into the world, and onto your devices! Tell your friends, parents, teachers the news: VocaMatch is here!

Download VocaMatch today, for iOS devices, on the App Store.

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