Shapizoid Jr launches on iOS

Shapidoid Jr Matching App for Toddlers

The latest app by Egowall, creators of ZooQ:Animal Explorer, Puzlmi, Colorifact, and more, has launched on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Shapizoid Jr is a fantastic, fun, and gorgeous pattern recognition app for young children. The goal of each level is to match all of the correct shape and color combinations as they float past on a bouncy conveyer-belt-like surface. Players simply choose a piece floating in the air and drag it down to the correct matching piece below. When you match them all, it’s time to celebrate! All of the matched shapes float into the air, and wait for you to “pop” them. Each shape gets collected and added to your total shape counter. Then, move on to the next colorful level. Shapizoid Jr has a very tactile, fidget-like feel to it that makes the experience very enjoyable and rewarding.

In Shapizoid Jr, the first 50 levels come in a free pack that contains awesome geometric shapes and swirly materials. There is a wonderful tactile feel to Shapizoid Jr, especially in each finely crafted shape! Once finished with the first 50 levels, purchase ALL 6 remaining packs for only $2.99! Each pack has 50 new levels, new scenery, effects, shape types, and materials to experience. This is an incredible value!

With an app like Shapizoid Jr, we felt it was of utmost importance to be sensitive to the needs of both the children playing the app, and the parents who guide their experience. As a result- like in our other apps, we don’t use invasive ads, silent data trackers, or exploitative in-app purchases. Particularly with the focus of Shapizoid Jr, we knew it was key to offer a simple way for parents to unlock additional content, to reduce friction and stress in their busy lives.

Shapizoid Jr has more content in the pipeline, such as new interaction types, scenes, shapes, and modes. But for now we are happy to let families experience it as a simple and focused package. We hope you like Shapizoid Jr as much as we do!

Download Shapizoid Jr in the App Store today!

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