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NEW APP: Colorifact for iOS! Color to Learn!

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Colorifact is the new iphone and ipad app from Egowall that lets kids Color to Learn!

Listen to Fun Facts, beautifully narrated aloud and displayed for the player as soon as they finish coloring each lively and clever Coloring Page. Children can ‘color to learn’ 275 facts, whether they are strong readers or still learning their ABC’s!

Colorifact has hundreds of crayon colors, brushes, and colorful patterns to use. Kids at all levels can color and create gorgeous works of art, and they’ll love the funny and quirky takes on each Fun Fact!

There are a dozen packs to choose from once players finish the free “Vital Vehicles” pack that comes with the app. Parents can feel safe to mix and match in-app purchases as they see fit- without the pushy business models some coloring apps use.

Kids love the anticipation that builds as they color their way to learning fact after fact! We think the whole family will love it, too. Download Colorifact on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, today!

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