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Coloring 101

In our last post, we discussed the puzzle activities available in ZooQ: Animal Explorer, which offer hours of entertainment for users. Those puzzles are also the gateway to the other major offering in ZooQ: Coloring. Colorable Fun Facts, to be precise. See, one of our goals with ZooQ is to entertain and educate. Our colorable fun facts give us the opportunity to do both.

Create colorful art pieces

Fun Facts

Every animal featured in ZooQ: Animal Explorer comes with five colorable fun facts. With almost sixty animals in the game, that comes out to 290 coloring pages and just as many interesting bits of knowledge. You just have to complete the starter puzzle for each animal to unlock these pages.

Each coloring page corresponds to a fun fact about the animal, so you can learn something while you create your masterpiece. We took a little liberty with the compositions, so there’s always a connection to the fact, but we put a bit of “fun” in it.

Check out the before and after

Expand your Toolkit

We understand that people like to color in different ways. That’s why we’ve provided so many options for players. The default coloring mode is Fill or Paint Bucket. It’s pretty simple – just pick a color and tap an area on the coloring page to fill it.

The other way to color is with a brush. Think of it like finger-painting. We feature a variety of brushes in ZooQ: Animal Explorer, from the basic default airbrush to more interesting textures like charcoal.

Experiment with different brushes

What’s an artist without a palette? In ZooQ, we’ve got you covered. Whatever color you’re looking for, it’s available. From basic color families to more interesting combinations, there’s a palette for every job.

A palette for every occasion

With all this at your disposal, coloring in ZooQ couldn’t be easier or more varied. There are so many coloring pages, you can color to your heart’s content, and you might pick up an interesting bit of animal trivia along the way! So, get coloring today in ZooQ: Animal Explorer!

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