Let’s Talk About Puzzles

Why Puzzles?

At Egowall, we’re all about discovery. ZooQ: Animal Explorer gave us the opportunity to highlight discovery as a key pillar of our design. That’s where puzzles come in. Completing a puzzle is an act of discovery. Every piece you place reveals a bit more of the final picture. In ZooQ, we’ve taken that a step further: when you complete a puzzle, you reveal not just a beautiful stylized animal image, but also an amazing 3D version of the animal. There are 58 starter puzzles. Completing each will reveal a new animal and grant access to coloring cards, fun facts, and more puzzles. This alone represents an incredible value to our players, but every puzzle can also be played in a secondary mode. That’s a lot of content to discover.

Timed Mode

The primary puzzle mode in ZooQ: Animal Explorer is Timed Mode. It’s pretty simple – get the pieces placed correctly as quickly as you can. The faster you go, the more points you’ll score. Higher scores get you coins, which you can use to expand your puzzle library. This one’s all about hand-eye coordination and thinking quickly, so you’ll have to be pretty quick to get gold on each one.


Multiplier Mode

Every puzzle has a secondary way to play: Multiplier Mode. This is a great mode for problem solvers and those who like to practice spatial reasoning because it’s all about adjacency and chaining pieces together. Each puzzle has a maximum number of pieces that can be placed next to each other sequentially. For some puzzles, that means the whole puzzle can be done without breaking the chain. To help, adjacent pieces will highlight, but you’ll still need to plan your route so you can max out your score, so take all the time you need to find the correct sequence.

So Many Puzzles!

Whether you’re going for speed in Timed Mode or chains in Multiplier Mode, the higher your final score, the more stars and coins you’ll receive. Then, you can spend coins to acquire additional puzzles (3 for each animal!) and really push your experience! Throughout our 10 unique habitats, you’ll have the chance to acquire and play over 230 spectacular puzzles! There’s no question that puzzle fans will have plenty to discover and keep them busy in ZooQ: Animal Explorer. Download today on the App Store.

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