🔍 Life is a Quest – so what is ZooQ?

When we started our journey to develop ZooQ, we knew we wanted to create an engaging and educational app that presented a unique take on learning. ZooQ: Animal Explorer is our first foray toward this goal.

ZooQ (say it like: “Zoo Queue” 😊) is a colorful and energetic app where you’ll play polygonal animal puzzles, reveal 3D living creatures, and bring their habitats to life.

Once revealed, animals grant further access to Fun Fact Coloring Cards, so you can learn about these graceful creatures while completing creative colorful works of art. You’ll also collect coins and stars along the way. Use them to unlock the entire selection of Puzzles and personal Avatars, as well as rounding out your selection of Color Palettes and Brushes.

Games + Learning

Kids and Grownups love playing and learning. ZooQ is about doing both!

ZooQ: Animal Explorer is highly replayable and filled with an enormous amount of content. With over 230 puzzles, nearly 300 coloring cards, and 58 animals to reveal across 10 habitats, we’ve made sure that any animal lover will find something to enjoy.

You can casually complete puzzles over time, or focus and try to beat your best times to earn 3 Stars on each. You’ll also love the additional Multiplier Mode that lets you take a unique strategic approach to each puzzle – or shift focus and work on your growing collection of Fun Fact Coloring Cards.

Animal Lovers

Completely reveal each ZooQ habitat and watch as the world is filled with life. Foxes stalk, squirrels skitter, and deer bound through their gorgeous natural habitats. The ambient life in ZooQ: Animal Explorer feels rich and inviting.

Kids and parents alike will love ZooQ: Animal Explorer. Almost 300 Fun Fact Coloring Cards await. These are fun, funny, and engaging scenes that always have a unique twist. Each Coloring Card is based around scientific Fun Facts about every animal in ZooQ: Animal Explorer, so you can learn a thing or two while having fun. Color them with an array of unlockable color palettes and brushes. Fill mode allows for a instant flood of solid color, while brush mode lets you flex your inner Monet.

Create colorful art pieces

Just the Beginning

ZooQ is about fostering a deeper look at the world – games for everyone, that teach in surprising ways. Apps that inspire creativity, learning, exploration, and fun. ZooQ: Animal Explorer is just our first step into realizing these goals. We hope you’ll take that step with us and join us on the journey!

Download ZooQ: Animal Explorer for your iPad today on the App Store – https://egow.al/2XR2xSl

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