Announcing ZooQ: Animal Explorer!

Egowall Mobile is incredibly excited and proud to announce the release of our newest app, ZooQ:Animal Explorer!

The ZooQ: Animal Explorer App is educational, interactive, and visually stunning with activities for kids of all ages. With their iPad, children can explore exciting habitats, meet animals up close, learn new facts, and practice a wide variety of skills. You can get it free for iPad on the App Store. Check out the trailer and read more below.

Explore some of ZooQ’s best features and educational benefits:

Realistic 3D Animals

As you explore the game and unlock new zoo areas, you can discover 58 animals in 10 different habitats. The 3D landscapes and realistic animals spring to life with mesmerizing illustrations and natural movement. Kids can watch the animals take shape after filling in their outline with colorful prismatic shapes. Then, practice spatial awareness and spin the animals for an up-close, 360-degree view! Realistic information about feeding and breeding behavior will also be added to the app in future updates.


Interactive Puzzles

In addition to 58 geometric puzzles that reveal new 3D animals, ZooQ also has more than 170 bonus puzzles that are ready to be unlocked. Just like real life, the drag-and-drop gameplay allows children to pick up puzzle pieces and visualize how they will fit together before making a decision. Matching shapes and connecting colors has never been so much fun! Plus, the prismatic design adds another level of complexity with contoured shading and depth.


Relaxing Coloring Cards

Let your creativity run wild. With 290 different coloring cards to unlock, kids will never get bored! Enjoy a calming activity to de-stress with digital coloring sheets. Smart filters help younger kids paint inside the lines, and there is a huge library of colors and paint brushes to unlock for older artists. With ZooQ: Animal Explorer, kids aren’t just on a quest to meet new animals – they’re inspired to get to know them! Each coloring sheet is paired with fun facts and memorable animal trivia to deepen their learning.


Challenging Gameplay

Players can add timed challenges and multiplier bonuses for a competitive edge. The app automatically tracks your time and player stats for each puzzle with a star rating, so kids can repeat puzzles to beat their score. The puzzle’s multiplier mode will test your child’s ability to sequence puzzle pieces in a specific order and max out their points.

Exciting Collectibles

ZooQ uses positive reinforcement to encourage exploration. In addition to meeting new animals and unlocking different habitats, kids will also earn coins, stars, and special in-app prizes. Just like a virtual piggy bank, players can save up their coins to buy access to even more puzzles, new quests inside the zoo, and other fun activities. This robust iPad app creates an immersive world with hundreds of surprises to uncover and unlock.

Teach fun facts, enhance creativity, and foster the spirit of discovery with ZooQ: Animal Explorer. This iPad app combines educational benefits with beautifully designed, kid-friendly gameplay. Download ZooQ for free in the app store.

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