You CAN Frame The Moments Of Your Life

You can frame a moment. But you can´t frame life.
— Armin Houman

Once you have uploaded your favorite photos into one of the available media bins, you can start posting them in any of your living spaces for the world to see.

Every picture posted in a space (except for two, and we’ll identify them below) has either a standard or a custom frame around it to enhance its appearance.

Standard Frames

A default black frame (see the below image) is automatically assigned to any image that is placed directly on a wall.

At any time after placement you can change the black frame to one of these other standard frame options (all of them are free):

Examples of Black, Orange Plastic, and Light Wood Standard Frames

  • Light Wood (see image at right)

  • White Plastic

  • Tan Plastic

  • Red Plastic

  • Orange Plastic (see image at right)

  • Black Plastic

  • Stripe Material

  • Light Metal

  • Contemporary Brown Metal

  • Contemporary Black Metal

  • No Frame (the only standard frame option without a visible border)

You can change a standard frame’s appearance any time you wish, but if you remove the photo from the room, whatever frame currently assigned to it also disappears.

If you place that photo again later, you will start with the default black frame.

Note that you are not able to place an empty standard frame in a living space.

Custom Frames

Custom frames differ from standard frames in the following ways:

  • They can be placed in a living space without first assigning pictures to them

  • Custom desktop frames can be scaled in all three dimensions

  • A custom frame cannot be replaced/exchanged without first removing (i.e., returning it to its media bin) any photo added to it

  • Custom frames are premium products – they can be purchased within the game

The following styles of custom frames are available:

  • Desktop

    • Single frame

    • Multiframe (desktop) – 3 and 4 photo options

  • Wall

    • Metal Single frame (wall)

    • Plastic single frame (wall)

    • Wood single frame (wall)

    • Multiframe (wall) – 3, 5, and 8 photo options

    • Custom canvas (frameless)

To add a picture to a custom frame, simply drag it from a media bin, a placed standard frame, or from another custom frame in the same room over the custom frame and release it.

It will snap in place at the destination location.

In the pictures at right and above, you can see examples of how photos look displayed in several of the available custom frames.

To see the rest of them – along with our full furniture collection – sign up for a free Egowall account today.

Experience the fun of creating an online home that shows the world all your interests and accomplishments.

Frame your life’s moments – in many styles and colors – with Egowall and Be The Real You™.

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