Springtime Is The Right Time For Some Landscape Work

We’ve told you about Egowall‘s sixteen unique living spaces.

We’ve mentioned that two of them are completely open environments where you can build the living space of your dreams.

Fan Palm

We’ve talked about the many 3D furniture objects – along with your own photos – that you can use to decorate you space(s).

But one thing we haven’t previously talked about in this space is the more than seventy (70) flowers and landscaping decorations you can use to further enhance the appearance of all the spaces.

Persian Shield

Now that spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to think about the greenery outside and inside our respective homes and living spaces.

Most of the horticultural items available in Egowall are designed for use with our Empty Urban Lot and Outdoor Sandbox spaces.

But if you want to bring them inside one of the prefabricated spaces, who are we to say you can’t? Knock yourself out!

The rest of them can be used either indoors or outdoors.

These decorations (some of which you can see on this page) fall into the following categories:

Potted Yucca Plant

  • Small Bushes (e.g., Aloe, Basil, Hydrangea, and Hibiscus)

  • Large Plants and Bushes (e.g., Italian Cypress, Hypericum, Banana)

  • Ground Cover (e.g., Wild Grass and Clover)

  • Palm Trees (e.g., Washingtonia Palm, Fan Palm and three variations of the Date Palm)

  • Trees (e.g., Red Fir and White Fir)

  • Water Plants (e.g., Lily Pads and Lily Pad Flowers)

  • Rocks and Boulders (various)

  • Planters (e.g., 3-Tier, Rectangular, and Square in both stone and concrete)

  • Potted Plants (e.g., Snake Plant, Elephant Ears, and Yucca)

  • Flowers in Vases (e.g., Roses, Lilies, and Poinsettias)

In addition to the images you see embedded above, we’ve been sharing a number of pictures from our Flowers and Landscaping Collection in our social feeds.

So if you haven’t yet gotten a good look at the entire complement of them, please check them out in Instagram and Twitter. Or better yet, see them in action within Egowall itself.

Be The Real You™.

Both inside and outside your favorite living spaces.

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