Memories – Just Like Trix – Are For Kids

What a child can do in cooperation today, he can do alone tomorrow.
— Lev Vygotsky

Who Are You – Really?

A lot of what we do here in the blog and on our social platforms is to illustrate how adults can use our unique 3D living spaces to showcase their interests, experiences and accomplishments.

Your home – and the furniture, photos, art and other décor that you use to decorate it – provides a pretty accurate a picture of what you are really about.

And we think our game is the best spot for you to do the same thing online.

That’s what we mean when we invite you to Be The Real You™ with Egowall.

But What About The Kids?

We also want to give that opportunity to your children, who have their own interests and accomplishments to share.

To that end, we have approximately seventy (70) furniture and decor items specifically designed for use in kids’ rooms.

Items in our Kids Collection are split among the following themes:

  • Jungle (33)

  • Military (3)

  • Pirate (6)

  • Princess (18)

  • Sports (9)

If you look at the images at right for examples of the craftsmanship of our kids furniture items.

Show Me More

Each weekday for the next two weeks we are showcasing images from our Kids Collection on our Instagram feed.

This week, we focus on sports-themed furniture objects and next week we will follow up with a look at five beautiful items you can in our Princess collection.

So if you don’t already subscribe to us on Instagram, please do so to make sure you don’t miss these posts.

We encourage you to create spaces for your children and work with them to decorate their rooms with the things that will show their friends who THEY really are.

Sign up for a free account (note that all account holders must be age 13 or over) today and start documenting your – and your child’s – memories with Egowall.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
— Charles R. Swindoll
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