Who Are You? We Really Want To Know

We sometimes get asked about the origin of our name.

An “ego wall” is one where someone places all of his/her certificates, awards, etc. – the things that he or she is most proud of. You’ve probably seen one when you visit your physician.

FeedBurner Ego Wall (licensed via Creative Commons)

FeedBurner Ego Wall (licensed via Creative Commons)

Our flagship and namesake product – Egowall – is an online implementation of this conceit.

The Concept

Egowall is a browser-based video game and social platform for showcasing your memories and achievements.

We believe that

  • your online persona should be more than a random collection of updates, photos and comments

  • you should have an online home that your social connections can visit at any time to learn about the things that make you unique

  • that virtual home should be a safe and secure place where you can easily control who gets to see the things that you share

Licensed via Creative Commons

Licensed via Creative Commons

Egowall addresses all of these beliefs.

But What Can You Do There?

Once you’ve signed up to play Egowall, our unique living spaces (sixteen different ones at this writing) let you establish a place that your friends, family and colleagues can visit to:

  • catch up on your activities

  • review your personal and professional accomplishments

  • learn about the things that interest you, and

  • communicate with you

Some of the things you can do with Egowall:

  • Explore and Interact – Walk around your own personal world and visit other people’s spaces too. You’re sure to see exciting new locations, furniture, decorations, and exotic houses.

  • Create and Decorate – Add furniture from your own inventory to any space or get more at our shop. Decorate the walls with your own photos. Change the appearance, color, texture of almost any surface.

  • Invite Friends and Earn Points – Share your spaces on social media and earn points to spend at our shop. Your friends can visit your spaces, leave notes and comments, and see who you are.

Licensed via Creative Commons

Licensed via Creative Commons

Unlike in some other social applications, visitors don’t need to worry about missing something that you have posted, because it is always present in the space for them to see.

Of course, you can share your spaces with your social connections.

Most importantly, each room’s privacy can be configured to ensure that the only people who get to see what you have shared are the ones that you want to see those items. You have total control.

And that’s just the beginning; there’s so much more that you can do in Egowall.

Egowall is Different

In addressing some of the shortcomings of other social networks, Egowall is a platform on which its users can showcase and share their interests and achievements in ways that are not possible elsewhere.

Sign up for a free account today.

Create Personal Spaces. Share Your Passions. Build Strong Relationships. With Egowall.

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