You Deserve A Better Game Experience – And Now It’s Here

Our primary goal in revising the Egowall interface was to create an improved game experience for our customers.

To accomplish this, it was immediately clear that we needed to eliminate the hybrid web/game user interface that had been part of Egowall’s architecture since its beginnings.

Even though we had integrated some of the formerly web-exclusive functionality into the game over time, there were still important capabilities that were still only accessible from the website.

So we are proud to announce that in our latest release of Egowall the hybrid web/game UI is no more. You no longer have to leave the game for any reason.

The new user interface resulting from these changes is illustrated in the screen capture below.

In the paragraphs below, we identify and describe the functions available in each major section of the updated user interface.

Area a: General Management Functions

  • Account Settings – Edit your user profile; change your password and account privacy; manage credit cards (used to purchase additional Ego Points)

  • Dashboard – Manage connection requests; write notes and private messages; see who has visited your living spaces

  • Spaces – Manage all of your living spaces, including name and room edits; set room privacy; set spaces as default for quick entry upon login

  • People – Manage your connections; create circles; move connections between circles; visit connection profiles and spaces

Area b: Object Management Functions

  • Media – Import photos into media bins; manage photo detail information; place photos into spaces

  • Shop – Purchase furniture objects, including multimedia storage containers; purchase living spaces; purchase additional Ego Points

  • Inventory – Place owned furniture into a space; purchase additional instances of owned furniture

Area c: Social Management Functions

  • Search – Search for people or spaces by name

  • Share – Share the current space with other Egowall users among your circles

  • Compose – Write and place public notes and private messages to Egowall users

Area d: Object Manipulation Functions

  • Select – Select a placed object so that you can buy another instance, add another instance to the space, or return it to inventory

  • Paint – Change the color or material of selected areas in the current room

  • Frame – Change the frame associated with a placed photo

  • Move – Change the location of placed furniture and photo objects in the current room

  • Rotate – Change the position of placed furniture and photo objects in the current room

  • Scale – Resize furniture objects (XYZ axes) and photo objects (XY axes); not available for all furniture objects

  • Clone – Bring another instance of a furniture object into the current living space; if you do not already own it, you will be given the opportunity to purchase it

  • Rebox – Return furniture or photo objects back into inventory

In a series of upcoming blog posts, we will provide additional information – including instructions and screenshots – to further illustrate how these new functions work.

In the meantime, why not sign up for a free account and take Egowall for a test drive?

And let us know in the comments what you like – and don’t like – about Egowall’s new user interface.

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