How To Help Your Friends Learn More About You

If you’re anything like us, you have interests and accomplishments that you don’t typically talk about in your posts on Facebook and/or other social networking services.

But what if these are things you’re very proud of and want your friends, family and business associates to know about?

That’s what Egowall is all about.

And our latest Egowall release makes it easier than ever to showcase them.

From a brand new logo (seen above at right) to a completely revamped user interface all the way to widespread performance improvements, we think you’ll find a lot to like.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.



You no longer have to switch between the web and game modules of Egowall to get things done in Egowall. All functionality – including account management – is now integrated into the game itself.


Navigation Menu

The new Navigation Menu (seen on the left side of the image below) lets you quickly get to the tasks you need to accomplish.

The Navigation Menu includes the following functions:

New Egowall User Interface

New Egowall User Interface

  • Dashboard – provides access to people management functions, including connection requests, notes and private messages, and offers suggestions for other Egowall users to connect with. This will be especially helpful for new users.

  • Spaces – access all the living spaces that you own and manage privacy settings for each room in those spaces.

  • People – organize your connections and the circles where they reside, and easily visit any of them at any time.

  • Manage your photos and other imported images in the Media section; store them in multimedia storage objects (i.e., containers) and place them into any living space.

  • Shop for additional living spaces and for any of our hundreds of 3D furniture assets.

  • Use the Inventory function to manage all previously purchased furniture objects; then add them to living spaces or return ones already placed back into storage.


Search and Sharing Bar

The following functions are available in the Search and Sharing Bar, seen at the top of the image below.

Share Your Living Space With Connections

Share Your Living Space With Connections

  • Access your own user profile for Account Management.

  • Switch between rooms in the current living space.

  • See Detail about who has recently visited your space(s).

  • Compose and leave colorful public notes and private messages – both in your own space and those of your connections.

  • Collect Ego Points for sharing a link to the current space with your connections; use the Ego Points received to purchase additional furniture objects for placement in your space(s).

  • User and Living Space Search – find other Egowall users and living spaces via powerful text search


Palette Toolbar

Palette Toolbar

Palette Toolbar

The following functions are available from the Palette Toolbar at the upper right of the screen.

Click on one of the buttons seen at right – or use its available shortcut key, which is displayed on mouseover – and then click on the desired object to manage it.

  • Select – pick an object in order to buy another copy or return it to inventory

  • Paint – change the color and/or surface material of walls and floors

  • Frame – replace the frame for photo objects placed on the walls

  • Move – change the position of selected furniture and photo objects

  • Rotate – rotate selected furniture and photo objects along all available axes

  • Scale – resize placed photos and their frames as well as those furniture objects which support scaling

  • Clone – pull a copy of the selected object from inventory for placement in the room; if you don’t own another instance, you can purchase it

  • Rebox – return the selected photo or furniture object to inventory

NOTE: The Palette Toolbar is disabled when visiting your connections’ spaces.

So that’s the high-level overview of the changes made to Egowall.

But stay tuned to the blog as we begin a series of posts providing additional detail – including How To instructions – about the new release’s features and capabilities.

And if you’re not already a member of the Egowall community, there’s never been a better time to sign up for a free account and start using Egowall to show the world The Real You™.

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