I’m Sorry, Dave. I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That.

If you are a fan of science fiction, you likely remember the title of this post from 2001: A Space Odyssey as HAL 9000’s initial response to astronaut David Bowman’s request to open the Discovery One pod bay doors. It’s one of the most memorable quotes of a highly memorable movie.

We love science fiction, too, and that’s why we’ve been excited to show you the various scifi furniture objects available in Egowall.

Over the last two weeks of November, we highlighted twenty-eight pieces of digital furniture designed for our Science Fiction collection via our daily Instagram posts.

We used seven different sci-fi quadriptychs to share these images, and the penultimate image from that group was last week’s most popular post.

The image at right (known in-house as SciFi Quadriptych #6) showcases the following four pieces:

  • Love Seat – Black
  • Round Coffee Table – White
  • Tabletop Lamp – White
  • Metal Chair – Black Leather

These and the rest of the science fiction furniture items (check the Instagram feed to see more of them) are specifically designed for use in these three living spaces:

Orbital Deck

Theme: SciFi
Rooms: 1
Square Footage: 2544
Cost: 600 Ego Points


This is the roomiest of the three available science-fiction spaces.

With no bulkheads in sight, the Orbital Deck is perfect for entertaining your friends and family while talking about your favorite sci-fi movies and television series.

Space Crew Quarters

Theme: SciFi
Rooms: 1
Square Footage: 1487
Cost: 850 Ego Points


The smallest of these spaces is perfect for someone who wants to create a gallery showcasing their love of science fiction.

Whether displaying personal memorabilia or documenting historical events, the Space Crew Quarters has the right balance of space and overall appearance to fit the bill.

Space Captain’s Quarters

Theme: SciFi
Rooms: 2
Square Footage: 3000
Cost: 1150 Ego Points


Space Captain’s Quarters is a living space befitting a starship commander or someone who aspires to such a position of leadership.

Have a LOT of science-fiction themed content to showcase?

Each of its rooms are bigger than either the Orbital Deck or Space Crew Quarters.

We’re posting images (and videos) like these daily on Instagram (and Pinterest) to expose them – and Egowall – to a larger audience.

Check out any of the resources mentioned in the post to see more just like them. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to see each new image when it is posted.

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