Neither Of These Things Is Anything Like The Other

Since last week was a holiday week, (hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving!), we were not able to publish our weekly “most popular on Instagram” post.

So let’s catch up and talk about the last two weeks of very disparate content.

Week Ending November 20, 2016

Not long ago in this space, we talked about our Japanese Tea House living space.

That structure is our effort to honor an important element of Japanese culture – a building or architectural space dedicated for performing the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The image that received the most engagement during this week was a customized version of that space.

To build it, we started with a standard Tea House living space and removed all the default furniture.

Then we brought in six pieces of new furniture, six containers for storing photos or other digital memorabilia, ten rugs and floor mats, twelve pillows and four pieces of Japanese art placed on the walls.

This example tea house – seen at right – is a free-standing single room structure located in a small roji garden, where colorful cherry trees can be seen through the windows.

Additionally, the Chashitsu (“tea ceremony room”) Tea House – click to visit it  – is one of the eight public spaces accessible from the Egowall landing page.  

Normally, only Egowall members can visit spaces, but if a space is made public by its owner, it is accessible to anyone.

Week Ending November 27, 2016

During Thanksgiving week, we began posting a series of quadriptychs highlighting furniture from our Science Fiction collection.

The most popular of those images was the one you see at right, which includes the following unique pieces:

  • Backless Bar Stool – Metal
  • Curved Coffee Table – White
  • Curved Leather Couch – Green
  • Space Recliner

These and the rest of the science fiction furniture items (check the Instagram feed to see more of them) are specifically designed for use in these three living spaces:

Of course, if your tastes run to the eclectic, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them in any other type of living space you see fit.

Ever wonder what a Japanese Tea House would look like decorated with science fiction furniture?

Hey, go crazy!

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