How Many Of These Videos Have YOU Seen?

In the coming weeks we are going to be publishing blog posts highlighting some of our favorite YouTube gaming accounts.

Before that, we thought it appropriate to showcase our own YouTube Channel and to provide an overview of the video content available for you there.

There’s a lot of great information available to help you learn about Egowall – even before you sign up for a free account.

We have organized the videos in our Channel into the following playlists:

Living Space Previews

These short (less than 30 seconds) fly-throughs of most of the available Egowall living spaces are designed to give you a quick look at their design and layout.

A particular highlight is the Princess Castle (seen at left), which is a customized version of our Great Hall space.

Feature Instructions

Ten videos (20 seconds to 2 minutes in length) which provide an overview of Egowall’s key feature capabilities. Included are:

  • Compose – Write public or private messages and drop them off while visiting other spaces.
  • Customization – Change the color and material of nearly any surface in a living space.
  • Fly Mode – Elevate the camera to get a different perspective on your living space (seen at right).
  • Movement and Camera Control – Change the camera POV with the right-mouse button and move around the room using either the mouse or keyboard.
  • Navigation Mode – Streamline movement through spaces by turning off non-essential hovertext and access to interactive objects.
  • Placing Containers and Multimedia – Place and manage your multimedia using these storage objects.
  • Placing Furniture – Place and manage your furniture objects.
  • Public Spaces – Make your space(s) public and then use social media to invite your friends to visit.
  • Scaling – Resize scalable objects on each axis independently or on all axes at one time.
  • Using the Map – Quickly and easily move between rooms and between living spaces – subject to user-controlled privacy settings.

Speed Painting

Egowall includes an interactive Easel minigame which can be used to create artwork both simple and complex; some examples:

  • Rooster Portrait – Watch Artist Joe paint a funky rooster from scratch, then frame and hang the result on the wall of his living space for others to see.
  • Fluorescent Abstract – joe creates colorful abstract art and then hangs it on his wall in a custom frame.
  • Rubik’s Cube – You can solve a Rubik’s Cube IRL, but how long would THAT take? We recommend that you paint one instead; that’s a LOT easier.
  • London at Night – jJoe wanted a more unique memory of his trip to London than just another photograph, so he used the Easel to document a special memory.
  • Duck – Joe laments the one that got away during a recent hunting trip.

Speed Building

This playlist includes the following videos:

  • Bowling Alley – Builder David converts a standard living space into something even more entertaining – a bowling alley – using our available construction tools.
  • Cottage – David shows us how to create a living space from scratch.
  • Treehouse – Egowall gives you sixteen unique living spaces in which you can Be The Real You™. But David wanted to create his OWN space. So he did.
  • Beachside Master Bedroom Suite – Watch as David converts a standard Beach Bungalow space into a Beachside Master Bedroom Suite. We’re already looking forward to next summer.
  • Zen Room – In which David converts a standard Japanese Tea House living space into a relaxing Zen Room.

How To Play

This playlist offers a set of longer videos to give you more detail on how to create the perfect expression of your interests in Egowall:

  • Custom Living Space Tour – Take a quick tour of this Custom Living Space to see how you can showcase your memories and achievements with 3D furnishings, decor and images from your computer.
  • User Interface Overview (3-part series) – These videos covers the five key components of the Egowall UI: Navigation Center, Status Display Panel, Main HUD, Main Display Menu, and the Quick Action HUD.
  • Decorating a Mountain Lot Living Space
    • Kid’s Play Area – This video is the first of a detailed series on decorating 3D spaces in Egowall; we start with a wonderful play area for children.
    • Kitchen – We continue our deep dive on how to decorate a sample living space with the kitchen – the most important room in any home.
    • Living Room – We complete our deep dive on how to decorate a sample space with the living room – the centerpiece of home entertainment.

So while you’re waiting for our next post about a favoriter YouTube gaming sites, we hope you’ll drop by the Egowall YouTube channel to get a better feel for what our game is about.

Sign up for a free account today to document and showcase your memories, interests and achievements.

Egowall – where you can always Be The Real You™.

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