From Photo Gallery To Sports Bar And Anything In-Between

Egowall includes three contemporary studios among its available living spaces.

One of them, the Urban Studio, was last week’s most popular post on our Instagram feed (which you really should be following).

The short preview video in the post – also available on our YouTube Channel – takes you on a quick fly-through of the attractive one-room space.

The Urban Studio has an identical footprint to that of the Studio Lot – featured here a couple of weeks ago.

Nestled in an urban center, its open and expansive floor plan allows it to serve many purposes.

The characteristics of the Urban Studio space are as follows:

Theme: Contemporary
Rooms: 1
Square Footage: 4184
Cost: 400 Ego Points
Default Entry Room: Studio

The Urban Studio space will serve you well if you want to showcase your interest in fine furniture, photography, or any work of art you may have imported into the game.

We also invite you to visit the Sports Bar public space for a very different take on the Urban Studio space.

It started out as a generic studio space, but was customized extensively using Egowall’s robust construction tools to serve as a bar and lounge.

When dressed out with various furniture and other decor assets, it becomes a perfect social gathering place to watch and talk about sports.

Sports Bar – Customized Urban Studio (Click to View)

The only thing missing is the satellite television package.

We hope you will check it out to determine whether the Urban Studio is the perfect space for you.

And if it isn’t, there are fifteen others to choose from.

Diptych of Urban Studio Images

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