Tea House Of The October Moon

Once again an image from our Tea House living space has realized the most engagement of all the images we posted during a week on Instagram.

The first time we shared an image of our take on the traditional Japanese building, we offered a screenshot of a customized Tea House public space.

This time – as October comes to a close – we shared a diptych of images captured from a default instance of the space.

What Is a Chatshitsu?

According to Japanese tradition, a chashitsu (“tea ceremony room”) is a building or architectural space dedicated for performing the Japanese Tea Ceremony (or Chanoyu). It is created for aesthetic and intellectual fulfillment, per Wikipedia.

The purpose of a tea ceremony is to “allow the host an opportunity to express the utmost hospitality to his or her guests. Together, the chashitsu, roji (tea garden), and mizuya (preparation room) should provide the optimum physical and spiritual setting for expressing this hospitality.”

Our Tea House

The Tea House – seen at right and below – is our effort to honor this beautiful example of Japanese culture.

The characteristics of the Tea House living space are as follows:

Theme: Retro
Rooms: 1
Square Footage: 951
Cost: 400 Ego Points
Default Entry Room: Temple

This example tea house (click to visit it) is a free-standing single room structure located in a small roji garden, where colorful cherry trees can be seen through the tea house’s windows.

To construct it, we started with a standard Tea House living space and removed all the default furniture.

Then we brought in six pieces of furniture, six storage containers for photos or other digital memorabilia, ten rugs and floor mats, twelve pillows and four pieces of Japanese art placed on the walls.

It is one of the eight public spaces accessible from the Egowall landing page.

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How Times Have Changed

Back in the mid-1950s, there was a popular Broadway comedy called “The Teahouse of the August Moon.” Set in the aftermath of World War II on Okinawa, the aforementioned teahouse is built using supplies designated – by the US military command – for construction of a Pentagon-shaped school.

A key scene in the play takes place during the gala opening of the teahouse. Much comedy ensues.

The play was later made into a film starring Marlon Brando as a local native (yes, seriously – it was a COMPLETELY different time than today) who serves as an interpreter to one of the US military officers and audience guide for the viewer.

The trailer for that film is embedded below for your bemusement. And horror.

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