The Best Space In The Perfect Place

Several months back, we posted the Preview Video for Egowall’s Studio Lot living space on our Instagram page, and it turned out to be the most popular post for that week.

Last week, we posted a diptych of the same space. Once again, it received the highest level of engagement of all the week’s picture and video posts.

Why is that?

Perhaps because it is such a beautiful and flexible space.

The Studio Lot (seen at right) is one of three contemporary studio spaces available to Egowall users. The others are the Urban Studio and the Mountain Lot.

The Studio Lot has an identical footprint to the Urban Studio, but is located in a beautiful rural environment with tree-lined mountains in the distance.

The Mountain Lot space is slightly larger than the Urban Studio and Studio Lot spaces because it includes a balcony. Otherwise the room layouts for all three are the same.

The characteristics of the Studio Lot are as follows:

Theme: Contemporary
Rooms: 1
Square Footage: 4184
Cost: 400 Ego Points
Default Entry Room: Studio

All three of the studio spaces are perfect for showcasing your love of photography and other works of art.

But the Studio Lot provides perhaps the perfect melding of floor plan and surrounding environment.

In addition to this preview video, we have a Studio Lot public space where you can see yet another example of how it can be decorated.

Studio Lot Public Space

Studio Lot Public Space

This image is closer to what the space looks like when you first obtain it.

After entering it, you can decorate and customize it to make it a true representation of your personality and interests.

And then of course, you can share it with anyone you wish – inside or outside of Egowall.

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