It’s Two, Two, Two Photos In One!

Main Entry: dip·tych
Pronunciation: \ˈdip-(ˌ)tik\
Etymology: 1620s, from Latin diptycha (plural), from late Greek diptykha, neuter plural of diptykhos “double-folded, doubled,” from dis- “two” + ptykhe “fold.”
1 : a 2-leaved hinged tablet folding together to protect writing on its waxed surfaces
2 : a picture or series of pictures (as an altarpiece) painted or carved on two hinged tablets
3 : a work made up of two matching parts

Diptych Depicting the Life of Christ in Ivory (14th century)

Those are the traditional definitions of a diptych.

In a photographic context, a diptych is a combination of two images placed immediately next to each other to make an artistic statement or comparison.

The photographs or illustrations can be identical or different; there are no hard and fast rules – they simply have to be next to each other.

Diptychs are great tools for photographic and illustrative storytelling.

They allow you to display both images side by side to create an interesting composition which lets the viewer explore the subject more completely.

In order to give you a more comprehensive look at our living spaces, last week we began publishing a series of diptychs on Instagram.

Each living space diptych includes two screenshots taken inside that space.

In the most popular Instagram post of the week, we see the Urban Gallery (shown at right), which was featured in a recent blog post about pictures taken at the State Fair of Texas.

These two images give you a better perspective on what the whole space looks like.

The upper picture is the view of the Main Gallery – the largest one of five galleries and the default entry point to the space. The dividing wall prevents you from seeing the more impressive portion of the space.

That’s the reason for including the second half of the diptych. When you move around the divider, you see an expansive space with a glass atrium exposing the surrounding urban environment.

In a diptych, the two images work better together than either image does by itself.

You can see more about this space by checking out a video flythrough for the Urban Gallery or for or any of our 16 available living spaces.

If you want to create diptychs using screenshots from your own Egowall living spaces – or any images you have stored away- here are some tools that will make it easy for you:


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Some of you may have recognized this post’s title as an homage to the long-running advertising campaign for Certs breath mints – it’s two, two, two mints in one!

And in this classic commercial parody from the first season of Saturday Night Live, the Not Ready For Prime Time Players took the idea of a product having two purposes to a whole new level.

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