How Deep Do Your True Colors Run?

This Friday – September 2, 2016 – is College Colors Day, the unofficial kickoff date for college football in the United States.

Founded by the Collegiate Licensing Company in 2004, the day is celebrated by thousands of students, parents, family, fans and alumni in the United States.

On this date they are encouraged to don the team colors of their favorite college or university and share their school spirit with friends and colleagues.

In honor of this year’s College Colors Day, we are revisiting the story behind one of our Featured Public Spaces.

It’s a tale that seems especially apropos this weekend.

The Concept

The four members of my direct family are graduates of different universities – LouisvilleBaylorTexas and Arkansas. Each has a robust college football programs with a passionate fan base.

None of these teams is a national championship contender. But we still live and die with the outcome of each weekend’s games.

Anyway, although each of us enjoys watching our team, they seldom play each other. So we usually end up taking in the games alone.

Rivalries is a concept living space. We designed it to establish a more social approach to enjoying football or other televised college sports.

It’s (primarily) a single-room space where each person is able to focus attention on their school’s game while still being able to easily interact with each other.

The Design

Overhead View of the Rivalries Public Space

We selected the Beach Bungalow as the base living space. Its square, open design made it a perfect choice for what we were hoping to create.

Using Egowall’s customization tools, we changed the color of each of the four walls to match one the primary color of one of the four schools.

Each school’s wall was then decorated with various decor items and picture frames.

University and athletics-related photos were imported into the game and placed in the frames to provide more atmosphere.

On one end of each wall we hung a flat screen television (watching games being kind of the point of the exercise).

In front of that monitor we placed a comfortable couch or chair and table and stereo speakers, giving each fan a personal space to root his/her team on to victory.

A kitchen counter, stove top and island were installed as the food preparation and social center of the space. Nearby is a refrigerator/freezer and various pieces of cabinetry.

After Sports, The Beach Beckons

As you can see from the screen captures above and at right, about the only thing missing is a cable or satellite subscription.

While the space does not (yet) exist in the real world, it was an entertaining exercise to design and build it.

Anyone who visits Rivalries (and since it is a public space, please do!) is able to see a stylized glimpse of my family’s college sports interests.

I suspect that ours is not the only house divided on any given football Saturday, so this concept could be applicable to a lot of you.

The Future

We hope that this post gets your creative juices flowing and helps you think of something in your life that you could represent in a living space. The possibilities are endless.

For more ideas, check out our Featured Public Spaces. Then sign up for a free Egowall account and build the perfect living space for yourself.

We hope you will share it with us in the comments section below. We’d love to see it.

And on this College Colors Day, from all of us at Egowall to each of you – best wishes for your team every week this season.

Unless they happen to be playing one of ours.

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