The Moon and Sky Are NOT The Limit

If you are a photographer and want a unique way to showcase your passion for taking pictures, we have a couple of terrific terrestrial spaces that are perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

But if you also have an affinity for outer space and science fiction, we have an even better living space example – one whose screen capture was our most popular Instagram post for the week of August 22-28, 2016.

The Moon Gallery (seen at right) is one of eight Public Spaces currently featured on the Egowall landing page.

First, a little background …

By default, a living space can only be visited by another member of Egowall.

But you can make any space public so that it can seen by people who have not yet signed up for a free account.

Anyone using a web browser can enter a public space you share.

Now, back to our story …

Moon Gallery started life as a basic Space Crew Quarters, the smallest of our SciFi-themed living spaces. 

We subsequently turned it into a shrine for a forgotten (by some) period of United States space travel by adding more than two dozen photos of our closest cosmic neighbor – many of which were taken by NASA astronauts themselves.

And then we made it public so that anyone could see it.

Of course, you could start with the same type of space (or one of the other SciFi spaces) and create a totally different sort of commemoration – perhaps for your favorite science fiction television series or movie.

We invite you to visit the Moon Gallery space and check it out for yourself. Think about what you could create to share your particular passions using a service like Egowall.

The sky’s the limit.

So to speak.

Interior View of the Moon Gallery Public Space

We’re posting images like this one daily on Instagram (and Pinterest) to help bring them to a broader audience.

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