If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly …

Egowall includes many powerful features designed to help its users create and decorate any of the sixteen available living spaces.

We produced a series of short videos (generally less than a minute long) to quickly bring you up to speed on these capabilities. All of them are stored in a playlist that you can find on our YouTube page.

Included in the playlist are the following videos:

  • Compose Menu
  • Customization
  • Fly Mode
  • Movement and Camera Control
  • Navigation Mode
  • Public Spaces
  • Scaling
  • Placing Containers and Multimedia
  • Placing Furniture
  • Using the Map

We recently began sharing these feature videos – one per day – on our Instagram page.

Our most popular Instagram post for the week of August 8-14, 2016 – based on total engagement – was the video for Fly Mode, seen at right.

Egowall’s “Fly Mode” gives you total freedom of movement within a living space.

You can move up and down using the comma (,) and period (.) keys, while moving laterally through the space using the WASD keys.

This function is perfect for building and customizating a space. No matter where you are – on the ground or in the air – you still have access to your complete inventory of furniture, media and other tools.

High Perspective View of a Living Space With Fly Mode Enabled

We’re sharing these videos on Instagram (and Pinterest) to bring them to the attention of potential new customers. Do you like them?

Check out any of the resources mentioned above to see more just like them. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to see each day’s image or video when it is posted.

Please share your favorite(s) with Instagram and your other social networks.

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