Once Upon A Time There Was A Princess

This year we have posted more than two hundred images and videos via Instagram to show you a bit more about ways you can use Egowall to document your life.

It’s a place where everyone – adults and kids alike – can celebrate and share their favorite memories and achievements. 

Along with its sixteen (16) living spaces, it includes more than seventy (70) pieces of furniture and home decor items specifically designed for use in kids’ rooms.

Last week we showcased a set of kids’ furniture items on our daily Instagram posts designed with a bit more of a feminine touch, and we are very happy to say that they were very well-received.

The following six pieces from our Kids Collection were featured during the week of August 1-7, 2016:

  • Princess Carriage Bed
  • Princess Royal Vanity Chair
  • Heart Lounge Chair
  • Doll House
  • Princess Carriage Desk Lamp
  • Princess Royal Dresser

The most popular among them based on total engagement was the Princess Carriage Bed, which is seen at right.

It is ornate and beautiful on its own (can’t you just envision it in a fairy tale?) but it looks even better when placed in a living space alongside other Princess-themed furniture and decor items.

When you obtain a new living space, it comes pre-populated with a sampling of furniture compatible with the style of the space.

But there are no thematic restrictions within the game, so you can put any style of furniture in any space. Go crazy!

We’re sharing these images daily on Instagram (and Pinterest) to expose them to a broader audience (and of course, to attract potential new Egowall members).

Do you like these pictures? Check out any of the resources mentioned above to see more just like them. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to see each day’s image when it is posted.

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