Welcome To The Jungle

Parents know that – just like adults – children have many experiences worth preserving and sharing.

So Egowall – the place where everyone can showcase their life’s memories and achievements – includes more than seventy (70) pieces of furniture and home decor items specifically designed for placement in kids’ rooms.

We’re currently featuring pictures of some of those pieces on our daily Instagram posts.

Last week’s images focused on the Jungle motif. Below are two images from that theme – theEaster Island Head and the Jungle Hut Bed – that were so close in popularity and engagement for the week of July 24-31, 2016 that we decided to spotlight them both here:

It’s easy to see in these Instagram posts how beautiful and creative these assets are.

They become even more impressive and functional – when you – or your child (ages 13+) use them within the game to document important events and accomplishments

They are part of the hundreds of furniture and home decor digital objects which Egowall members can use to decorate any of the sixteen available living spaces.

Approximately 35 of these assets are in the Jungle theme, where you will also find activity tables, chairs, dressers and chests of drawers, lamps, fans and trophies.

When you obtain a new living space, it comes pre-populated with a sampling of furniture compatible with the style of the space.

But that’s only a starting point – there are no thematic restrictions on the placement of any object within the game, so you can put any style of furniture in any space.

We’re sharing these images daily on Instagram (and Pinterest) to expose them to a broader audience (and of course, to attract potential new Egowall members).

Do you like these pictures? Check out any of the resources mentioned above to see more just like them. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to see each day’s image when it is posted.

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