How Would Your Photos Look Displayed Here?

For the first time since we began sharing weekly blog posts which provide additional information about each week’s most popular Instagram post, a video has taken the top spot.

The preview video for the Urban Gallery, one of two gallery spaces you’ll find in Egowall, received the greatest engagement from our Instagram page last week.

The Urban Gallery – seen at right – is a large urban space divided into five galleries for displaying multiple art and photography collections.

It also includes kitchen, office and balcony spaces. The balcony has a beautiful city view.

With a total of eight rooms (not including the balcony), it encompasses more than 11000 square feet of floor space.

The Urban Gallery video is part of an ongoing series of living space promotional videos currently being featured on Instagram. 

These clips – one is posted each day – are generally less than 30 seconds long and include a quick fly-through of the space with musical accompaniment.

There’s no quicker way to get a sense of the design and layout of any given space than by viewing one of these preview videos.

They are the same videos that Egowall users can see in the game when they are trying to determine which new living space(s) to add to their inventory.

We’re sharing them on Instagram (and Pinterest and YouTube) to expose them to a broader audience (and of course, to attract potential new Egowall members).

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