The Story Of That Beautiful 3D Room Rendering

Most of the Egowall-related images that we have shared online – whether screenshots or high-resolution pictures of available digital goods – show objects and living spaces as they appear in our browser-based game.

But on occasion, we have produced higher-quality renderings of our 3D environments

Last week’s most popular post from our Instagram page was also one of our favorites – the King Bed w/Accessories, which is seen below.

This image was produced as a candidate splash screen for a proposed executable program. Ultimately, that application did not come to pass. But we thought that you would enjoy learning a bit more about the image, which always gets a great response (thanks!) when we have posted it to Instagram.

The living space is of contemporary styling with one wall painted a light aqua green (“Sedan”) and the other incorporating a wood grain (“Wood – Teak”). You can make similar customizations to any surface in Egowall.

Among the game’s furniture items that are also seen in this gorgeous 3D rendering (produced with high-quality lighting using Autodesk 3ds Max) are :

  • Theatre Sofa Leather w/Pillows – White
  • Accent Pillow – Square Print (2)
  • Ultramodern Side Table – Silver (2)
  • Brushed Nickel Desk Lamp (2)
  • 6-Legged Credenza – Black
  • Organic Metal Sculpture – Silver
  • Speaker – Tall (2)
  • Decorative Stone Vase – Large Black
  • Decorative Barrel Vase – Black Stone
  • Floor Rug – Black

The three photographs visible in the image were all taken in downtown Dallas. From left to right, they are

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