So THAT’S How To Do That In Egowall (Part Two)

In a previous blog post, we shared with you the first five of ten short videos designed to illustrate some of Egowall’s key features. 

As promised, the remaining five videos are now assembled below for your viewing pleasure. After you’ve had a chance to look at them and get a feel for how Egowall works, we hope you will sign up for a free account and try us out.

We think you’ll like what you find there.


Feature Instructions | Navigation Mode

Navigation Mode allows users to turn off non-essential hovertext and access to interactive objects in order to streamline movement through the living space.

Feature Instructions | Placing Furniture

Any piece of furniture in your inventory can be placed in any room of a living space.

Once placed, an object can be moved, rotated, reboxed (i.e., returned to inventory) or used as a reference for additional purchases of the same object.

Feature Instructions | Placing Containers and Multimedia

Containers (storage for multimedia) can be placed in any room of a living space.

Once it has been placed in the environment, a container can be moved, rotated, reboxed, renamed used as a reference for additional purchases of the same object, or updated with additional multimedia.

Open a placed container to select photos/pictures and place them on a wall or into a multimedia photo object.

Feature Instructions | Scaling

Scaling is simple in Egowall for those objects that allow it. You can scale the X, Y, and Z axes independently or all at one time.

Feature Instructions | Public Spaces

Egowall living spaces can be made public quickly and easily from the Map function.

After making a space public, you can share it via social media with anyone – whether they have an Egowall account or not.

All of our Feature videos – including those shared previously – are available as part of the Feature Instructions playlist on our YouTube page.

After you have viewed them, please let us know what you think about our Feature Instructions videos in the Comments section below. We also want to hear your suggestions for what additional videos should be added.

We hope these videos have piqued your interest about our Unity-based social networking platform. If you have any questions, please leave them in the Comments below.

Sign up for a free account today and start using Egowall to be The Real You™.

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