So THAT’S How To Do That In Egowall (Part 1)

You know how the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

If that’s true, then a video must be invaluable.

To that end, we have produced a series of ten videos to illustrate Egowall’s key features. All of them are stored in a newly created playlist that you can find on our YouTube page.

The first five of those videos are embedded below, and the remainder will follow in a subsequent blog post.

After you have viewed them, please let us know what you think about our Feature Instructions videos in the Comments section below. We also want to hear your suggestions for what additional videos should be added.

Feature Instructions | Fly Mode

Fly Mode gives you total freedom of movement inside or outside of a living space.

Feature Instructions | Using the Map

The Map functionality lets you quickly and easily move from one room in a living space to another – subject to privacy settings established by the owner of the space.

Feature Instructions | Compose Menu

Egowall’s Compose Menu lets you easily leave both private and public messages for other Egowall users (and yourself).

Feature Instructions | Customization

Customization Mode allows users to change the color and material of nearly every surface in a living space. Just select it and choose among the many available options.

Feature Instructions | Movement/Camera Control

Use this feature to move the camera (i.e., the user’s POV) in any direction via the right-mouse button; quickly move to a selected point in the room by clicking on the spot; the WASD keys are also available.

Five down, five to go.

Watch the blog for a post with the remaining five Egowall Feature Instruction videos. Or check them all out now on the Feature Instructions playlist.

We hope these videos have piqued your interest about our Unity-based social networking platform. If you have any questions, please leave them in the Comments below.

Sign up for a free account today and start using Egowall to be The Real You™.

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