The Bottom Line: This Room Is Designed For Sales

Last week’s most popular post from our Instagram page is one of a series of four images that we shared of our Contemporary Showroom living space.

Our showroom spaces are designed to offer digital goods (furniture and minigames) for display and/or sale to Egowall users for placement in other living spaces.

At this writing, only we are able to sell digital goods. But in the future, we plan to expand this capability to all of our users.

Contemporary Showroom Floor Plan

This particular showroom style is a medium-sized contemporary urban space. The main showroom is hidden from view at entry into the space by a partial wall (see the floor plan at right).

Once you proceed through the foyer andturn to the right, the full showroom space becomes visible.

The free-standing wall in the center of the space serves as a divider between areas of the showroom. The wall’s appearance – along with that of every horizontal or vertical surface – can be modified using Egowall’s customization tools.

Once a showroom space is configured, you need only make it public in order for anyone to enter it. But please note that you must be an Egowall member (it’s FREE) in order to purchase digital goods.

A short video preview of the Contemporary Showroom space is presented below.

Contemporary Showroom – Preview from Egowall on Vimeo.

We invite you to visit the Egowall Ultra Modern 3D shop to get a better feel for what this showroom looks like. 

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