It’s Tea For Two and Two For Tea – In a Chashitsu

We’ve been posting screenshots and other images of Egowall in action on our Instagram page for several months (please follow us there if you don’t already). Today we continue our showcase of the prior week’s most popular Instagram post in our feed.

Chashitsu (茶室) is the Japanese name for “Japanese Tea Ceremony Room.” It is a building or architectural space exclusively dedicated for performing the Japanese Tea Ceremony (or Chanoyu).

According to Wikipedia, the term chashitsu “may be used to indicate the tea room itself where the guests are received, or that room and its attached facilities.

Default Chashitsu Tea House Appearance

Default Chashitsu Tea House Appearance

“In English, a distinction is often made between free-standing structures for tea, referred to as tea houses, and rooms used for tea ceremony incorporated within other structures. Tea houses are usually small, simple wooden buildings. They are located in the gardens or grounds of private homes.”

The Chashitsu Tea House seen below (originally posted to Instagram on June 2, 2016) is our effort to honor this beautiful example of Japanese culture. It is another of the eight public spaces accessible from the Egowall landing page.

This example tea house (click to visit it) is a free-standing single room structure located in a small roji garden, whose colorful cherry trees can be seen through the tea house’s windows.

To build it, we started with a standard Tea House living space (see the image above) and removed all the default furniture.

Then we brought in six pieces of furniture, six storage containers for photos or other digital memorabilia, ten rugs and floor mats, twelve pillows and four pieces of Japanese art placed on the walls.

The resulting space is seen below.

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