What You Need To Know to Create Awesome Spaces

We developed Egowall to be a unique social platform whose users can

  • Showcase their life’s memories and achievements
  • Connect with friends, family and colleagues
  • Share living spaces that illustrate The Real You™

Last week, we collected several short How To Play videos to familiarize you with the key components of the Egowall user interface.

In this post, we have collected several detailed (and as a result, longer than average) How To Play videos from our YouTube Channel to provide a comprehensive picture of the process for customizing a living space and subsequently making it public.

You don’t need to complete all three (but we’d love it if you did). Pick any of them and by the time you’re finished watching it, you will be able to use Egowall to create your own online representation of the things that make you special.

Decorating a Mountain Lot Living Space

Part 1: Kid’s Play Area

In the first in our series of Decorating a Mountain Lot videos, we begin the process of creating a 3D public space in Egowall. As the space is quite large, we focus here on an area to be customized as a kid’s playroom. (Length – 37:34)

Part 2: Kitchen

In the second episode in the series (embedded below and available on YouTube), we continue the decoration of the Mountain Lot space in the Kitchen. (Length – 29:37)

Part 3: Living Room

In the third and final episode in the series (embedded below and available on YouTube), we complete the decoration of the Mountain Lot space with the Living Room. (Length – 26:58)

Now that you are familiar with the Egowall user interface and have seen how to build a custom space, we invite you to check out our Unity-based social networking platform to see what you can create. Then sign up for a free account and start using Egowall to be The Real You™.

And while you’re at it, subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you will know when we have posted new How To Play (and more) videos.

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