4 How To Play Videos All Users Should Watch

Egowall is a social platform whose users can document their lives and achievements in ways not possible on any other social networking site. Quickly and easily showcase your favorite memories in 3d living spaces, then connect and share them with friends, families, and colleagues.

Below we have collected several short How To Play videos from our YouTube Channel to familiarize you with the key components of our user interface and show you how to build your own custom living space.

After you’vereviewed them, please sign up for a free account and take Egowall for a test drive.

User Interface Overview: Part 1

In the first of our Egowall User Interface Overview videos, learn about the Navigation Center (useful for getting around your living spaces and augmenting them) and the Status Display Panel (which provides information about your location and sharing options). (Length – 1:46)

User Interface Overview: Part 2

Learn about the Main HUD (Heads Up Display), which – together with the Main Display Menu – provides access to user-owned living spaces and digital goods and shopping functionality. (Length – 2:09)

User Interface Overview: Part 3

Learn about the Quick Action HUD (Heads Up Display) – which provides access to higher-level game functionality – in this final entry in a three-part series about the Egowall user interface. (Length – 2:00)

Custom Living Space Tour

Take a quick tour of this totally custom space – created using Egowall’s construction tools – to see how you can showcase your life with 3D furnishings, decor and images from your computer. (Length – 2:00)

Now that you are familiar with the Egowall user interface and have seen how to build a custom space, we invite you to check out our Unity-based social networking platform to see what you can create. Then sign up for a free account and start using Egowall to be The Real You™.

And while you’re at it, subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you will know when we have posted new How To Play (and more) videos.

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