Egowall Speed Building Video Series

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We have created a number of videos about various aspects of Egowall (please consider subscribing to our YouTube page). They are generally divided among three different playlists: Speed Building, Speed Painting, and How to Play.

To make it easy for newcomers to view any or all of them, we have consolidated all the Speed Building videos in a single location. As additional videos in the series are produced, this post will be updated.

Please let us know what you think about our Speed Building videos in the Comments section below. We also want to hear your suggestions for what additional videos should be added.

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Speed Building 1 | Bowling Alley

Watch as we build a Bowling Alley using Egowall’s in-game construction assets and tools.

Speed Building 2 | Cottage

The footage in this video was recorded in-game using starter construction assets. Since then, we have added actual roof, window, and many more detail models to use in addition to the primitives shown here.

Speed Building 3 | Treehouse

In Egowall, you can build imaginative creations and share them with friends. Watch us start with an empty lot and fill it with 3d objects to create a striking treehouse in our Outdoor Sandbox space.

Speed Building 4 | Beachside Master Bedroom Suite

This is a real 3d space! Explore it now in your web browser:

Speed Building 5 | Zen Room

In Egowall, you can build imaginative creations and share them with friends. Watch as we convert a standard Japanese Tea House living space into a Zen Room.

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