Living Spaces: Outdoor Sandbox and Urban Lot

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We continue our series of posts about the Egowall living spaces available for users to showcase their interests with our two open spaces – Outdoor Sandbox and Empty Urban Lot. Neither of these spaces includes a pre-existing structure.

Check out their specs below and then click on the links to either the accompanying video preview or example public space to see them up close. One of them could be just right for you.

Outdoor Sandbox

Theme: General

Rooms: 1

Square Footage: 54800

Cost: 100 Ego Points

Default Entry: Patio

Outdoor Sandbox – Beauty Shot


The Outdoor Sandbox is a large rural space where you can use Egowall’s available construction tools to create your own custom space.

Where will your imagination take you?

Video Preview

Example Public Space

Outdoor Sandbox - Floor Plan

Outdoor Sandbox – Floor Plan

Empty Urban Lot

Theme: General

Rooms: 1

Square Footage: 6330

Cost: 2000 Ego Points

Default Entry: Patio

Empty Urban Lot – Beauty Shot


Positioned in the center of a bustling urban retail area, the Empty Urban Lot space is a perfect location for a Photo Gallery or a 3D Shop.

Do you like urban life? This is a perfect place for you to create and share a living space that illustrates who you are.

Video Preview

Empty Urban Lot - Floor Plan

Empty Urban Lot – Floor Plan

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