The Story of A House Divided

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When you visit the Egowall home page and click on the Featured Public Spaces button, you see a gallery of showcase sites which illustrate the varied types of spaces that can be constructed with the service.

This is the story behind one of those public spaces – Rivalries.

The Concept

Egowall Featured Public Spaces Gallery

Egowall Featured Public Spaces Gallery

Each member of my immediate family attended a different university (Louisville, Baylor, Texas and Arkansas, respectively). We are all college football fans, and each school has a robust – if not always successful – program.

When our teams play, we usually retreat to separate locations to watch the games. Of course, this is not a very social behavior. The Rivalries space is a concept designed to counter that – to have a single, shared location where everyone can watch their respective schools while still being able to interact with each other.

The Design

The Beach Bungalow living space was the best possible choice for this effort because of its open design. Each of the walls was customized with a particular school color (or as close as I could come to it) and decorated with various knickknacks. University-related photos were imported and placed on the walls to provide additional atmosphere.

Rivalries - Arkansas Razorbacks

Rivalries – Arkansas Razorbacks

On the right end of each wall a flat screen television was hung and in front of it was positioned a comfortable couch or chair and table and stereo speakers, giving each fan a personal space to root his/her team on to victory.

A kitchen counter, stove top and island were installed as the food preparation and social center of the space. Nearby is a refrigerator/freezer and various pieces of cabinetry. There is plenty of room to prepare food and engage with anyone in the room.

The only thing missing is a cable or satellite subscription.

Rivalries - Louisville Cardinals and Texas Longhorns; note the island in the middle of the space

Rivalries – Louisville Cardinals and Texas Longhorns; note the island in the middle of the space

While the space does not (yet) exist in the real world, it was quite a fun exercise to design and build. And it did not take long at all to put together.

Anyone who visits Rivalries (and since it is a public space, anyone can) is able to see a stylized glimpse of my family’s college sports interests. I suspect that we are not the only house divided on any given football Saturday, so this concept is probably applicable to a lot of you.

The Future

I hope that this post gets your creative juices flowing and helps you think of something in your life that you could represent in a living space. The possibilities are endless.

For additional ideas, check out all of our Featured Public Spaces. Then sign up for a free Egowall account and build one for yourself.

And after you have created your perfect space, we hope you will share it with us in the comments section. We’d love to see it.

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