Explore All New Egowall Living Spaces (VIDEO)

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With the availability of Egowall 3.0, you’ll now find 16 unique living spaces in the game to decorate, customize, and explore.

Each living space comes furnished with a default set of furniture items tailored specifically for the space’s theme and layout. Spaces can be then personalized with other furniture, décor items, picture frames and media storage containers filled with your own memories.

Check out this video overview of our new spaces:

Gallery of Available Egowall Living Spaces

Walls, floors, and ceilings can also be customized with different materials and colors. And you can even build your own homes or creative structures using our expansive sent of construction assets.

We can’t wait for you to try Egowall and show your friends the beautiful spaces you can assemble using these living spaces as a starting point.

Play now for free and tell us what you want us to create next!

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