Egowall Public Spaces (Part 2): Creating and Sharing Public Spaces

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Last time we discussed how easy it was to visit an Egowall Public Space, even if you aren’t yet an Egowall member. In this second of a two-part series about public spaces, we will talk about the few simple steps you need to take to share your space with the world!

Create Then Share

So you’ve selected a Living Space and decorated it. Maybe you customized the walls and floors, set up the furniture just the way you like, then added frames to the walls with your favorite images. You are now ready to share the space with the world!

(1) From within your living space click on the Map icon to display the minimap for the space.


(2) As you mouse over the minimap, press E to open the Living Space Edit menu.

(3) Give your living space a great descriptive name and click on the Set as Public Space button.

(4) Click Save and you’re done!

The space is now Public and will be accessible to anyone that wants to take a look. Don’t worry – none of your furniture pieces or photos can be edited when they visit. Your stuff is yours.


Get the Word Out

Your friends and connections need the link to your Public Space in order to check it out. Click on either the Promote Icon, or the Social Interaction Icon to open the Social Interaction Dialog.

Clicking either the Social Interaction icon or the Promote Icon will pop open the Social Interaction Dialog

Clicking either the Social Interaction icon or the Promote Icon will pop open the Social Interaction Dialog

Here you can share the space directly to any of your Egowall connections or on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also copy your Space Link and paste it into a chat message, email, or add it to the web anywhere you like.

Egowall's Social Interaction Dialog

Egowall’s Social Interaction Dialog

Get Featured

We are always on the lookout for amazing Egowall public spaces! Create and share one today, and we might just select yours to be featured on our website!

Try it out now! And be sure to check the first blog post in the series, Visiting a Public Space

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