What Can You Build With Egowall? Nearly Anything

Check out our Unity-based social networking platform to see what you can do with Egowall. Then sign up for a free account and start using it to be The Real You™.

Egowall features an expanding library of furniture and decorations of many styles and shapes.

Not only can you place any of these objects into any living space, any of your photos (from your computer or Facebook Albums) can be imported into the game and placed in custom frames on your walls. You can even paint your own portraits and display them.

And using our construction assets and building tools, you can assemble nearly anything that you can imagine.

When you sign up today for Egowall, you’ll get immediate access to the powerful creation tools used to bring this Bowling Alley to life in-game. Take a look at what is possible.

With Egowall you can build anything!

  1. Build indoors or out
  2. Choose from standard geometric forms like cubes, cylinders, and wedges
  3. Build specific objects using floors, walls, roof pieces, and more
  4. Use indoor and outdoor trim and decor
  5. Furnish your space and use lush landscaping assets
  6. Place, scale, rotate pieces, and align with precision using our placement grid


Which tools do you like best? Which tools are we missing? Show us what you would build WITH EGOWALL. Sign up today!

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