A New Shopping Experience

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Since Egowall first came online, we have sold digital goods to users – furniture, minigames and multimedia storage objects – for placement and interaction within homes and living spaces.

Initially, the only way to purchase these items was after filtering the entire list of available objects by theme and category to locate the desired object.

Egowall Ultra Modern Shop

Then we added the ability to buy additional copies of digital goods you had placed in your own spaces or that you discovered in your connections’ spaces. This made it easier to add more of a given object to your collection or to make an impulse purchase when you saw something that you really liked.

In Egowall 3.0, we have introduced a brand new type of shopping experience – Shop in 3D.

An Egowall 3D Shop is a special type of public space set up to make digital goods of any theme and category available for sale. After entering a 3D Shop, Egowall users can buy (or gift) any displayed item. Purchased objects are immediately added to the buyer’s inventory.

To access the 3D Shops, click the Shop in 3D button on the Main Display Menu (Shop Mode). The menu will switch from a theme and category-based display of available objects to show the list of available stores. You can return to the standard shopping mode by clicking the Quick Shop button.

Egowall Quick Shop Mode (top) vs. Shop in 3D Mode (bottom)

Egowall Quick Shop Mode (top) vs. Shop in 3D Mode (bottom)

Currently we have one 3D Shop up and running – Egowall Ultra Modern, with others soon to follow. We invite you to visit the shop and (if you’re an Egowall member) add to your furniture collection. If you’re not a member, you’ll be given the opportunity to join Egowall while there.

Would you like to create a 3D Shop? What type of digital goods would you want to sell?

Leave a comment below or contact us via social media to tell us what you think about this new shopping concept.

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