New Egowall Video Series: Speed Painting

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Today we are introducing a new series of YouTube videos to show you what’s possible artistically in Egowall.

Our first time lapse video shows how our Easel interactive minigame is used to paint an edgy rooster.

Check it out!

Easel features:

  • 3D easel model with interactive canvas and tools
  • Multiple color selector GUI
  • Interface for selecting brush shape and size
  • Ability to save your painting and start new canvases
  • Set up a still life – hide the interface and work, and view the area around you while painting.
  • When complete, frame your work and hang it on a wall in one of your living spaces!
  • Express yourself and show us The Real You!


Show us what you can create! What would you paint in-game? What features do you want us to add to the Easel?

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