Memorial Spaces – When Words Aren’t Enough

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The internet is a wonderful and powerful tool. Across the globe, we connect with friends and loved ones, create business relationships, find a spouse, or game with strangers.

In Remembrance Beauty Shot #therealyou

We Post, Share, and Like, and react to the ongoing political, economic, and environmental issues of our time. But in general, the tools that exist within social networking sites have left out a major piece of the human condition: mourning and paying tribute to our lost loved ones.

In Remembrance Beauty Shot #therealyou

On most social sites, the process of celebrating someone’s life is limited to a few specific actions. Maybe you would click “Like” next to a post that contained a moving tribute, or view a few photos that floated into your social stream. You might comment and reconnect briefly with someone, or share your own photos and memories.

In Remembrance Beauty Shot #therealyou

But after these brief actions, what is there to move you forward in your grief or make these re-connections strong enough to actually stick? In the real world, memorials are built so that people can travel to them and revisit these strong emotions. Shouldn’t mourning online be a process that one can revisit later as well?

Here at Egowall, we are committed to offering a new type of social experience to meet this need. We have introduced Memorial Spaces in Egowall 3.0.

How Should We Support Memorials?

Regarding Memorials, we asked ourselves these questions: what are the key components to paying tribute; what are the boundaries?

Everyone celebrates the lives of loved ones in different ways and we respect that. We decided on the following types of spaces:

  1. Personal, private spaces to share photos of loved ones with your family and friends.
  2. Personal spaces you create and make public to share your memories or celebrate a group of individuals.
  3. Community driven spaces where people from across the world can come together and express joy, grief, memories, hopes, and loss.


Private Memorial Spaces

Currently any Living Space can be used to create an ad hoc memorial. Egowall includes privacy tools to allow your Connections access to spaces and specific rooms if desired. Invite friends and family to join, connect with them, and grant them access.

Capture_privacy settings.JPG

Public Memorial Spaces

In Remembrance is our first Memorial Space built specifically for the purpose of creating detailed Memorials. The space is enclosed, yet open to the sky for a feeling of safety and calm. Each object pictured below can be moved or disabled entirely, for full customization of the space.

Community-Driven Spaces

The future of Memorial Spaces is with you. We want to create Community Driven spaces which allow anyone to come and contribute, or simply reflect quietly. Add photos and eventually models, sounds, and music.

These spaces will remain online long after the latest post slips down your social feed. Instead of consuming and forgetting, we are aiming to create a long term place to share, commiserate, and remember. Be it publicly with strangers, or in your own secure private space, Egowall is committed to creating a place where you can Be The Real You™.

Do you think it’s important to have a space online for mourning and contemplation? How would you use a memorial space? Leave a comment below or connect with us and share this post via our social media sites.


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