Be Sure to Publish Your Work!

Check out our Unity-based social networking platform to see what you can do with Egowall. Then sign up for a free account and start using it to be The Real You™.

Egowall works just like real life. If you are not ready to share changes you have made, then they will not be shared. Period.

Figure 1 shows a room that is being decorated. Notice the blue icon (!) at the top right of the screen, which indicates an available system notification. Clicking on it will display a message that the current room is a Work in Progress (WIP).

While a room is a WIP, connections who visit it will be unable to see any changes which have been made. Only when you publish the room will they be able to see the updates.

Figure 1: Work In Progress – Not Published

In Figure 2, you can see the same space after all decorating has been completed and the room is ready to be shared.

The icon is no longer blue, and the text in the notification menu (indicated by the arrow in the figure) now shows that the room status is published.

To make changes you have made to a room available for viewing by your connections, just click on the notification icon and select Publish.

Figure 2: Ready for Sharing – Published Work

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