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Even if you have grouped all of your connections into a single giant clique called “Peeps Who Love Me,” at some point you may decide to separate said peeps into smaller Cliques – like Friends, Family, and Colleagues.

One reason to do this is to gain better control over which connections get to enter specific rooms in your home(s). Each clique has its own default privacy settings, because life on Egowall is easier that way.

How do these Default Privacy settings work?

If your connection John is a “Friend”, by default he is allowed into your kitchen, vestibule and the basement and most other rooms. He is NOT allowed into your bedroom and office.

On the other hand, if John is your “Colleague,” he will ONLY be allowed into your vestibule and office. All other rooms are off-limits, as illustrated in Figure 1 below.

 Figure 1 – How Egowall Protects Your Information by Default

At Egowall we choose to protect your information by default and prevent it from being exposed unnecessarily.

But if that’s not how you roll, it’s easy to change the privacy. The privacy settings for each room are configurable. Simply change the permissions for the room to make it available to more people (e.g., to “My Connections” or “Egowall Members”).

Figure 2 below shows how the default and custom privacy settings are enforced when a connection visits your Egowall home. Note the difference between the views for you and for your visitors. Rooms marked “Private” cannot be entered.

 With Egowall you can have it your way with customized privacy settings.



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