Welcome to Egowall 2.3

The latest release of Egowall is now live

Here are some of the key improvements that
are part of Egowall 2.3:

Highlight System – Improved highlight
system which expands the options for adding glow to objects in this and future

– Several new features have been added to the conveyor belt,
along with performance and user experience improvements.

Quick Shopping  – Now, players can purchase and can gift
assets while they are interacting with game objects such as furniture and mini
games. This feature is available while the player visiting other connections
homes as well us in their own homes.

Hover Text – Players can just by hovering
over an object can get object information without clicking information menu.
This enabled removal of one more menu – Information menu from the game. In the
next release hover text will further be improved to accommodate much detailed

Camera movement – Managing multiple assets in
a room is now easier and quicker due to the elimination of extraneous camera
movement after object selection and manipulation.

Mini Games – The game mechanics of the all
the mini games have been improved to provide an improved player experience.

Memory Management – Ongoing improvements
to game memory management have been implemented. We have reduced game memory
footprint by 200MB

Dynamic Assets – Updated over 150 dynamic assets
with increased Level of Detail (LOD), better collision system, and reduced
texture maps and aesthetics.

Environment Assets Texture Optimization
Terrain and other such environment assets are optimized to improve the download
time and memory footprint by 50-60%.

landing page – Loading and User Interface
of the Egowall landing page has
been improved, particularly for customers with slower computers.

Environment Preview Videos – All new
home preview videos are now hosted by Vimeo, which allows us to provide
customers with improved performance and higher-quality video playback on all

For additional information on these and
other changes in the latest release, please visit the Egowall
2.3 Release Notes

If you’re not already a member, please sign
up for an Egowall account at http://www.egowall.com, and get ready to share The Real You™.

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