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If you can remember when software
manufacturers distributed printed manuals with their products, you probably
also recall how difficult it was to dig through them to find the answers to
specific questions.

Printed manuals have been generally
replaced by PDF copies of the document, but most companies did not address the
fundamental problem – how to help their customers get the desired answer as
quickly as possible.

Here at Egowall, we have addressed this issue in what we feel is a very user-friendly manner. We have created a context-sensitive Help File for our website.

No matter where you may be in the website,
when you click the Help button, you will get information appropriate to that
location. This is illustrated in the screen captures below.

In the first image, the customer is
positioned on the Cliques page.

are the way that you group connections in Egowall. By clicking on the Help
button (accessible at the top right corner of the screen), the Cliques page of
the Help File is displayed in a pop-up window. 

From that page, any of the other pages of
the Help File may be accessed via the navigation menu at the left side of the
Help File.

In the second image, the customer is positioned on the Ego Points page.

Ego Points are the currency of Egowall. By clicking on the Help button, the Ego Points page of the Help File is displayed.

Before any additional action can be undertaken on the Egowall website, the Help File must be closed by clicking on the Close (X) icon at the upper right of the pop-up window.

As new capabilities and features are added to the website, the Help File will be frequently updated to ensure that it always provides the most current information about Egowall to our customers.



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